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The personal experience of a genuin audio music system is to be substituted by nothing. That is why we participate in a variety of specialist events to demonstrate the natural music reproduction of our high-end audio components.

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May 09th – 12th, 2024
Thursday: 10:00 – 07:00 PM
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 – 06:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 – 04:00 PM

MOC Munich
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Premiere of the ava at the "High End"

From the 9th to the 12th of May 2019 genuin audio showed the active-dsp-speaker ava to the public for the first time at the “High End” fair. The compact version of the floor loudspeaker neo was fascinating visitors and industry experts throughout.

Not least thanks to the purely digital signal path coming from the music server tars and the perfect adjustment to the room via the integrated DSP, ava delivered a brilliant performance. Extreme clarity and precise control met with almost limitless dynamics!

There was also great interest in our turntable drive, which has recently received the “2019 image hifi-award”.

This is what the Press said about genuin audio on the „High End 2019“

Fidelity Logo

„The smallest large speaker we discovered at Genuin Audio. He goes by the name Ava. Ava is a three-way speaker with a coaxial driver and a laterally arranged bass. The filigree DSP architecture equalizes the system and allows fine room corrections. As a result, the Ava itself plays even in a demo container on the ground floor with real monitor qualities. Even in the bass, no compromises have to be made. For us one of the surprises of the fair.“

Ingo Schulz – Fidelity (June 6th, 2019)

„I sat in on a demo during which the Killers’ “Land of the Free” was played from Genuin Audio’s Tars music server, and was completely blown away. The kick drum had huge impact — the air just exploded into the room, without a hint of overhang. The soundstage was amazingly large and open. These things are stunningly good.“

Gordon Brockhouse – (June 1st, 2019)

„The new Ava from Genuin Audio also played great.“

Olaf Sturm – (May 14th, 2019)

Product launch of neo at the “High End 2018”

Genuin Audio showcased the active loudspeaker neo for the first time at the most important industry event in Munich.
The speaker is perfectly controlled through its DSP, precisely tuned to the room, digitally driven by the music server tars and was able to prove its qualities very convincingly in the listening booth. Visitors to the fair and the trade press were thoroughly impressed!

Here you will find more information about neo and tars.

This is what the Press said about genuin audio on the „High End 2018“

„Perfect work by the specialists: Genuin Audio showcased with the active loudspeakers neo one of the big stunners of this fair. The 16.5-cm coaxial speaker is supplemented by a 30-cm woofer that operates below 180Hz and whose frequency response should reach down to 27Hz (-6dB). The integrated four-channel power amplifier in UMAC technology feeds the system a total of 1000 watts with the help of a robust power supply. neo sets dynamically and harmoniously new standards, which is a great success for a small manufacturer.“

Olaf Sturm – (15.05.2018)

„Genuin Audio’s new fully active 3-way neo loudspeaker, which uses a 32-bit DSP to control the entire loudspeaker system in terms of time coherence and frequency response, delivered a very convincing musical performance – even at high volumes.“

Peter Banholzer – (18.05.2018)

„Sometimes a speaker comes along where the sound just snaps into place. You get the immediate feeling that everything comes together just perfectly, there is great flow and nothing distorts the experience. That’s what it was like with the Genuin Audio neo at High End 2018. The music had a groove, an inner dynamic that pulled you in involuntarily and that came with a precision and vividness that blew us away.“

Holger Biermann – (19.05.2018)

Fidelity Logo

„Contrary to our quiet fear of opening pandoras box, Genuin Audio managed to create an overflowing cornucopia of naturally reproduced music for the better of all listeners with its fully-active, DSP-filtered three-way loudspeaker neo.“

Helmut Hack – (05.06.2018)

Award "Best of AVS 2017"

The prestigious magazine “SoundStage!HiFi” has awarded genuin audio a prize for extraordinary performance at the “AudioVideoShow” in Warsaw:

Here are the impressions of editor Doug Schneider:

“Genuin Audio, a new German company, was completely unknown to me when I entered their display room in Warsaw, […] what most caught our eyes was their drive turntable (€ 7950), partially for its slick look (nice clean lines, and a quality of build you can readily see), but mostly for its features, which include a torsion-bar suspension that works in the horizontal and vertical planes, and for the options available: Genuin’s own point tonearm (€ 3390), sting cartridge (€ 2490), and pearl integrated phono stage (€ 2750). It was the phono stage that let us know that Genuin has designed the drive to be a top-flight component. While some might shun a turntable with a built-in phono stage, assuming that it must be second-rate or with limited functionality, this one seemed different — it supports MM and MC cartridges, and has 32 DIP switches for setting precise cartridge adjustment. I hope to learn more about Genuin – perhaps at the High End show next May, in Munich…”

Read more



Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage 2017

Clear the stage for the “Dreamteam“! At this fair in Bonn, a special combination of top products from the genuin audio range gave a stellar performance. The fully equipped turntable genuin drive with pearl, sting and point plus music server tars acted as source components. From genuin`s distribution range the Perreaux top series SM 6 MK / SM 750 took over amplication for those wonderful new Vantage S loudspeakers from the awesome new 5th Anniversary line by AudioSolutions.

More information on the new Vantage 5th Anniversary series by AudioSolutions can be found on this website.

„A combination that is truly playing music in a way that embraces the listener and puts him in an adrenaline shooting state of the audiophile kind because of its rhythmic energy. This is a great mixture that I loved very much.“

Stefan Brochowski – HIFI-IFAS (07.10.2017)

Premiere: genuin audio @ „High End 2017“ in Munich

For the first time genuin audio was exhibiting at the largest fair for sophisticated high end audio products.

At the impressive genuin audio-booth audio enthusiasts not only were able to listen to selected musical highlights via a well balanced genuin audio setup. They could also talk personally to the developers of the products.
Gerd Sauermann (Amplifier nimbus), Michael Weidlich (Loudspeaker pulse), Andreas Henschel (Hardware Music Server tars) and Walter Fuchs (Cartridge sting) were present to answer all questions about the particular quality of these components they had designed exclusively for genuin audio.

This is what the Press said about genuin audio on the „High End 2017“:

„The classic evergreen La Fille Mal Gardee (Decca SXL-2323, Reissue) is playing on the drive and I have to pay respect to the Genuin-chain: the orchestra unfolds perfectly into the room. Finest details are easily audible, the fine dynamics are superb. Even when it gets louder and wilder, the Genuin do not loose their balance, but keep track and their promise of musicality and precision.“

Frank Hakopians – fairaudio (26.05.2017)

Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage - Hörtest 2017

At this event on the 4th and 5th of February in Hamburg, an almost complete genuin audio setup built exclusively from in-house components was on demonstration.

In addition to the fully equipped record player drive with arm point, cartridge sting and preamplifier pearl, the tars music server with its own massive power supply acted as the source. The loudspeakers pulse were fed by the likewise new power amplifier nimbus.


More information on both new products can be found on this website. Just go to tars and nimbus.

This is what the Press said about genuin audio on the 30th Analog Forum:


“Thomas Wendt presented his Genuin Audio chain in a fairly large room. As I enter, Patricia Barber’s gripping interpretation of Peter Green’s “Green Manalishi” is playing on the Genuin record player. I am greeted with a bombastic dynamic firework. … The performance of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the underworld with Anneliese Rothenberger as Eurydice and Theolingen as Hans Styx produced smiling faces with the thrilled audience. His ‘Prince of Arcadia’ was a delightful listening pleasure, because he sung tangibly before us listeners – a great experience.”

Wolfgang Kemper – HiFi-Statement (November 2016)