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The current makes the music.

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nimbus The shortest path to sound

This power amplifier is a perfect representation of genuin audio’s philosophy. The nimbus pursues genuin’s central concept of “less is more” in an uncompromising fashion and very consciously goes its own way in its circuitry. The result is appropriate power to any linked loudspeaker in any situation.

The genuin nimbus takes itself out of the equation and delivers music just exactly as it was intended: pure, alive, genuine. What you hear is not an interpretation of the amplifier but the pure emotion and expression of the artist.

Maximally minimalistic

The genuin audio power amplifier is deliberately designed to be minimalistic. The fewer amplifier stages and components are used, the smaller the effect on the sound. The shortest signal paths and fewest control loops also reduce interferences to a minimum. To ensure that this approach doesn’t come at the expense of stability and performance, a patented circuit has been developed – the energy-efficient voltage-accurate constant-current amplifier.

Novel Circuit Design

In this voltage-accurate constant-current amplifier, the voltage and current amplification are completely independent of each other. The amplifier branch is powered by a constant current while a separate power source sitting directly at the speaker output supplies it with much current as required. There is therefore no interdependency between current and voltage.

The circuit design of the voltage-accurate constant-current amplifier leads to optimal control of the connected loudspeaker. It cannot ever have a negative impact on the signal processing within the amplifier. Even its own resonance frequencies or phase shifts through the frequency crossover network cannot adversely affect the performance of the amplifier.

Unfazed by the constantly changing requirements of a loudspeaker, the amplifier always operates exactly the same – with extreme dynamics and highest resolution. Due to its exceptionally high damping factor, it is also load-stable down to less than 2 ohms.

Advancements in Energy Efficiency

The voltage-accurate constant-current amplifier by design always operates in pure Class A mode. This technical setup meets even the highest sonic demands. Usually, however, a high power dissipation is a side effect.

After four years of development on the genuin audio nimbus, we have succeeded in retaining all the advantages of Class A technology with a more energy-efficient circuit variant. This has been done without the conventional use of additional servo circuits and feedback loops that would have a negative impact on signal transmission.

Instead we use a current bypass with its own additional power source that greatly reduces the Class A bias current of the voltage amplifier stage. The amplification of the signal therefore continues in pure Class A mode in the constant-current amplifier while the power delivery for the loudspeaker is handled by two synchronous current sources in the energy-efficient Class AB mode.

Minimized to the maximum, this was the basic idea in the development of this amplifier.

Gerd Sauermann
developer of the genuin audio Nimbus

High Bandwidth for Time Coherence

The timing factor didn’t only play a critical role in the development of the genuin pulse loudspeaker, it is also of great importance in the nimbus power amplifier. Since the human ear is able to analyse and locate impulse signals within approximately 10 microseconds, an amplifier must never corrupt the temporal relation of the individual signal elements. The slower the signal processing in an amplifier, the higher the risk of changing the temporal relations.

The amplification of the signal from the input jack to the loudspeaker terminal is carried out by the nimbus in less than 20 nanoseconds! This extremely short propagation delay contributes significantly to the authentic music reproduction of the genuin nimbus amplifier.

Meticulous Construction

A decisive aspect in the minimalistic-oriented construction of the genuin nimbus is the reduction of parasitic component interdependencies. A sophisticated PCB layout with SMD technology combined with the highest-quality, close-tolerance, long-term stable components ensure that the amplifier does exactly what it is supposed to do – and nothing else.
Only the best materials are used for internal wiring: silver and gold.

Sedated Mechanics

The consequent avoidance of disturbing external influences and resulting disadvantageous microphone effects are a common theme in the mechanical design of the amplifier. Depending on the application, either tough or soft materials such as pastes, putty, Teflon tape, etc. decouple and soothe all components and material junctions. This careful treatment results in a high degree of serenity and precision in the sonic image.

Continuous Symmetry

The nimbus stereo power amplifier is consistently symmetrical in dual mono construction. It consequently only has balanced inputs that are ideally matched by the XLR conductors offered in the genuin direct series.

The loudspeaker terminals are supplied by WBT and maintain the high mechanical demand of the device. We recommend the genuin audio direct as the perfectly matched speaker cable.

The aluminium casing is available in black or silver.

The inside matters

With its revolutionary circuit design, this uncompromisingly minimalistic, time-coherent power-amplifier is able to drive every loudspeaker at its highest potential. This amplifier conducts the speaker – not the other way around. Its load-independent transmission behaviour guarantees extremely high resolution and lively dynamics for any musical genre. Only that way the audio playback becomes truly genuine.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating 2 x 100 watts sine (4 Ohm)
2 x 250 atts peak (4 Ohm)
Damping Factor > 500 related to 8 Ohm
THD < 0,1 % (- 3 dB)
Power Supply 2 x 400 watts
2 x 72.000 μF
Power Consumption 80 watts (idle)
550 watts (max)
Input 2 x balanced via XLR connector
Output WBT terminals
Casing Aluminium, black or silver
Dimensions 435 x 319 x 100 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 8 kg

Press comments on the genuin nimbus

„A stereo amplifier for sophisticated listeners and connoisseurs: Although rather modest on the outside, the sound of Genuin nimbus above all else is nothing but rather special: It is one of the most effect-free, “non-intrusive” and therefore most music-conducive amps in its class. Bling-Bling-free high-end in its purest sense.“




„One of the most neutral and music-conductive amplifiers of its class.“

Jörg Dames in 6moons (April 2018)





„The Genuin nimbus conveys absolutely any kind of music without self-interpretation. The strikingly positive quality, in the given recording quality, make it a pleasure-enhancer of the first quality.“

Alexander Aschenbrunner in HIFI-STARS, 09-11/2017

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