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  • drive
    Strength is to be found in serenity.

  • point
    Safely on point.

  • sting
    Less sounds like more.

  • pearl
    The pinnacle in every system.

  • tars
    End of Discussion.

  • neo
    The next generation.

  • ava
    Punches above her Weight.

  • direct
    Critical connections.

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Summation gameThe components of genuin audio

In order to achieve a faithful music reproduction, genuin audio has realized a complete high-end audio chain according to its own ideas and with the highest standards. The respective components were designed exclusively for genuin audio by the most renowned developers in the industry. The elaborate production takes place in Germany under manufacturing conditions. The genuin audio portfolio currently consists of the following devices:

Turntable drive

Tonearm point

Cartridge sting

Phono preamplifier pearl

Music server tars

Active loudspeaker neo

Active loudspeaker ava

Audio cables direct

Each individual component consistently follows the philosophy of offering the listener a faithful reproduction of music that does not tolerate any deviations from the sound reality or any kind of signal coloration! This is the secret of the special sonic magic that the high-end components from genuin audio create when they interact with each other. Regardless of this, all genuin audio products are an enrichment for any existing audio system.


The unique genuin audio drive can be expanded into an outstanding all-in-one turntable. Complemented by the tonearm point, the cartridge sting and the integrated phono preamp pearl, the result is a compact analog chain with innovative design principles that sets reference standards in terms of sound and price.

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Tonearms are potentially sound-influencing elements in analog reproduction. Not so point from genuin audio: point serves exclusively as an impartial mediator between the cartridge and the phono preamplifier. It literally “disappears” and transports the very fragile signal emanating from the cartridge with maximum precision and absolute neutrality – due to its innovative reinterpretation of the unipivot bearing design.

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Top model

genuin audio’s philosophy of focusing on the pure essence of a product is particularly evident in the sting cartridge: this exceptional MC system dispenses with any form of outer casing typically found on cartridges. The reason for this is simple: what is not there cannot produce resonances that degrade the sound.

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Shine a light

Concentrated development expertise, uncompromising implementation and first-class components – these are the ingredients that make the pearl an outstanding phono preamplifier! The pearl is able to bring to light all the previously hidden sound facets and strengths of a cartridge and let the sound of your records shine.

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The tars music server from genuin audio is an easy-to-use, extremely reliable digital system with a sophisticated power supply. Ripping CDs, reading or playing audio files, storing and managing a music library – all relevant functions are combined in a single device and are conveniently controlled via tablet, computer or smartphone. Each process is carried out with special consideration of the highest audiophile sound specifications, making the music lovers “question of truth” obsolete: analog or digital playback?

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The digital active loudspeaker neo represents the next stage of development in the construction of sound transducers. The internal DSP guarantees precise use and optimum control of the drivers. Four amplifier channels with a total output of 1,000 watts enable extreme dynamics. Thanks to digital room correction, the outstanding capabilities of the neo can be made audible in any room.

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The compact version of the neo floorstanding loudspeaker: the ava is only half the size, but no less revolutionary and uncompromising as a result. With 1,000 watts of amplifier power and the same concept with innovative DSP control and digital sound correction as its big brother, the ava is a big player! It offers concentrated dynamics for smaller listening rooms or audiophiles who prefer a more restrained look.

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We have developed the direct cable line so that genuin audio components can interact with each other at the highest level. These special audio cables were created with the same uncompromising and consistent approach that characterizes all high-end components from genuin audio and strictly follow our sound philosophy: zero tolerance in terms of signal coloration!

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