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  • drive
    Strength is to be found in serenity.

  • point
    Safely on point.

  • sting
    Less sounds like more.

  • pearl
    The pinnacle in every system.

  • tars
    End of Discussion.

  • neo
    The next generation.

  • ava
    Punches above her Weight.

  • direct
    Critical connections.

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Sum GameThe components of genuin audio

In order to resolutely implement the goal of faithful reproduction, genuin audio has developed a complete high-end audio chain. The respective components were designed exclusively for genuin by renowned developers in their respective fields. The complex production takes place in Germany under manufactury conditions. genuin audio’s portfolio currently consists of the following devices:

Turntable drive

Tonearm point

Cartridge sting

Phono Preamplifier pearl

Music Server tars

Active Speaker neo

Active Speaker ava

Cable direct

All components follow the same philosophy of a true sound image, with no deviation or colouration permitted. That’s why the high-end audio components of genuin audio develop a distinguished magic – especially when they are playing together. Nonetheless, every single genuin audio product on its own represents an enrichment for existing audio systems.


genuin drive is a newly developed turntable that can be upgraded to a complete genuin record player. The full record player consists of the turntable drive, the tonearm point, the cartridge sting and the integrated phono preamp pearl. All components are characterized by innovative design principles, which pursue only one goal: to ensure the optimal reproduction of your valuable records – unaffected by any external influences.

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The genuin point tonearm transports the fragile signal of the pick-up with maximum precision and absolute neutrality. point “disappears” as a sound-influencing element in the playback chain. It is exclusively a neutral agent between the cartridge and the phono amplifier. We achieve this through the newly interpreted concept of the unipivot bearing.

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Peak Force

The genuin audio philosophy of focusing on the essence of a product is particularly obvious with the cartridge sting. This MC system works without any form of outer cover, as is typically the case with other cartridges. The reason for this is simple: what is not present cannot produce any disturbing resonances.

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Glossy Highlight

Exceptional development competence and the uncompromising implementation of this knowledge using first-class components make the pearl an outstanding phono preamplifier. It is capable of unveiling all the facets and capabilities of a cartridge system that have hitherto been hidden. After passing through the pearl, the sound of your records shines in a new splendour.

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The music server tars is an easy-to-use and extremely stable digital music system with external triple power supply. All relevant functions are combined in a single device: ripping CDs or importing audio files, storing and managing the music library, playing the audio files, controlling via tablet. Each of these processes takes particular account of audiophile demands. The consequence: analog or digital is now no longer an issue.

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The digital active loudspeaker neo represents the next stage of development in the construction of speakers. The internal DSP guarantees a perfect fit and optimum control of the drivers. Four amplifier channels with a total of 1,000 watts of power allow extreme dynamics. Thanks to a digital spatial correction, the outstanding capabilities of the neo can become evident in any room.

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The compact version of the tower speaker neo. Half the size, but no less revolutionary. Same concept with DSP control and integrated 1,000 watt amplifier. More suitable for smaller spaces or interior designs where a high-end loudspeaker should appear less dominant. Without any compromise in sound quality…

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In order for the components of genuin audio to be transversing at the highest level, special audio cables are required. These must not bear their own tonal characteristics, they have to stay acoustically invisible. Under this uncompromising premise, we have developed the proprietary direct cable line.

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