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The inside matters

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The inside matters.

portrait-thomas-wendtThomas Wendt
genuin audio – Owner

genuin audio is the sum of my extensive experience on the way to the ideal, authentic sound. For over thirty years I have been on the lookout for a music reproduction which conveys authenticity, vitality and ultimately profound emotion. The soul of the music is given back pure and true. With genuin audio I have now achieved my goal.

At first I was a dedicated customer – just like you. A variety of audio components came and went, the satisfaction was never permanent. Later, as owner of the HiFi-Studio Cottbus, there was the possibility of an even more intensive examination of a much larger number of components. I have learned one thing: the uncompromising approach focusing exclusively on sound-relevant aspects – often from small dedicated manufacturers – makes for components that offer the highest musical value.

Under this premise, I have decided to establish my own product line that will implement this approach to the highest degree.

Exceptional Expertise


I have commissioned highly renowned developers to design exceptional products specifically for genuin audio. These absolute experts in their respective fields had only one target: to design the device they had always wanted to build. Without compromise. But unconventional paths can and should be appreciated, if the goal is to achieve the highest possible sound quality with complete tonality.

Production by Hand in Germany


These ambitious products are made for genuin audio under manufacture conditions by developers of only the best reputation in Germany. Naturally, this approach must be reflected in the price. However, since all aspects of a genuin audio product are exclusively subject to acoustic relevance and superficial reputation factors like weight, mass or material selection are not included in the products you get the pure audio functionality. Consequence at the highest level.

The inside matters: The inner values are important. Exclusively. Ultimately, it is a question of down-to-earth quality – at an elevated price level. genuin audio stands for that. All our components are innovatively designed exclusively for the best possible music reproduction.



With products from genuin audio, you finally arrive at the destination of your journey on the way to the audiophilic truth. Here you can sit down, relax and concentrate on what it is all about: enjoying your favorite music in perfect quality.

Experience music as it should be: true, right, natural. The essence of genuin audio.

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